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Make Words Count a Professional Writing Service and Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses.

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Professional Writing Service & Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses providing

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Make Words Count

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We are now pleased to offer a cost effective paperback “print on demand”, and Kindle E-Book Publishing Service for fiction Authors.

With the rising popularity of e-books it makes good economic sense for Authors to offer their work to readers in both paper and electronic formats.  Companies such as Amazon provide a worldwide shop window to display, and more importantly sell, the book which an Author have undoubtedly invested considerable time and energy creating.

The prospect of creating either a paper book and/or an E-Book can seem a daunting time consuming task to some, which is where Make Words Count can help. We provide a full production and publishing service for those who own the copyright for their book, our service includes:

Checking and editing Manuscripts if required

Transferring books currently in paper form to E-book format

Creating books in paper and E-book format from scratch, from either a handwritten, typed, or hard copy manuscript

Cover Design

Obtaining an ISBN number

Uploading to Amazon

Design and set up of a web site for the published book

Production of a YouTube advertisement for the published book

To find out more and to discuss your requirements please contact us by telephone or e-mail

Note: we reserve the right to reject books of an unsuitable nature, we  also only accept fiction.

Book Publishing Service