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Make Words Count a Professional Writing Service and Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses.

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Professional Writing Service & Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses providing

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Are you being pursued by creditors or other organisations demanding their pound of flesh? Or maybe you're in circumstances that require a certain style of communication to deal with a financial situation.

Before putting pen to paper remember, the written (or spoken) word is your strongest weapon and depending upon what words are used, and how the letter is constructed, could greatly affect the outcome of a situation. This is where I can assist. As a Professional Writer with over 30 years experience working in litigation, consumer affairs and most areas of Law and Order, I am familiar with a wide range of problems, all of which require a 'specialist' approach if matters are to be dealt with successfully. To defend oneself against unreasonable demands or to negotiate a beneficial settlement requires a certain type of letter.  As a Qualified Paralegal I am able to assist and/or advise you on how best to deal with such problems.

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Traffic Tickets

Unwarranted demands for payment


outstanding debts

You have received a summons in connection with an alleged speeding offence you are determined to defend.  If you do not wish to go to the expense of employing a solicitor then I can prepare appropriate letters that will put you on the right track to preparing your case.  Should it transpire your circumstances are such that I believe you should utilise a Solicitor, I will inform you so, and if required, link you up with someone with the necessary expertise.

This can be a tedious drawn out process, especially if your debtor is avoiding the issue. From the offset you have to be firm and precise with regard to collecting money, furthermore there are certain legal protocols required if you decide on the legal route.  I can prepare pre-legal action communications that more often than not will encourage the debtor to pay up or at least make an offer. N.B.  Please note I am not a Debt Collector so all monies are paid direct to you.

From time to time consumers receive unwarranted demands for payment that are completely unjustified. Consumer Law is on your side and no-one has the right to pursue you for money that you don't owe, let me prepare the necessary letters for you to use in keeping the 'money vultures' at bay, who knows you could even get a refund.

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