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Make Words Count a Professional Writing Service and Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses.

Gary Murray Author of Vipers’ Nest, Venom Rising, Cobra Strike, Enemies of the State, Introduction to Judo, Business Security Handbook,. All Content © G Murray 2015

Professional Writing Service & Publishers based in Surrey, South East England offering a UK, Europe & Worldwide service to individuals and businesses providing

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Make Words Count

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Being a published Author I understand the literary world, so no matter what the subject, I can produce an impeccable, suitably worded, professionally printed and ready to use document.  

From a simple idea I can produce a Synopsis and finally, if required, turn it into a complete book, manual, report etc.

If you have an idea for a book but are struggling to write it, then as a Ghostwriter I am able assist in turning your personal experiences or ideas into a reality, be it a novel, auto biography, or non-fiction book.

 Example Scenario :

You might have an idea for a novel or film script, let's say a Spy or Police story. It goes without saying that to be successful the 'jargon' used in the text will have to sound authentic. This is where my expertise comes in, for example, I have worked in Law Enforcement and Counter Intelligence for many years and am familiar with the 'job speak' of Police, Security Agencies and the like. Or perhaps you want to write about Aviation then my experience as a Fixed Wing and Helicopter Pilot are at your disposal.

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